Changemaker Workshops – Mukinbudin

The Changemaker Workshop is a two-day leadership development workshop for adults who would like to see things change in their communities and play more active roles by becoming changemakers, influencers or community advocates.

Participants will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective changemakers, influencers, or advocates for causes they believe in.

The workshop aims to foster self-awareness, community engagement, resilience, leadership skills, and the ability to create positive change while considering diverse perspectives and community well-being.

The workshop is open to individuals who:

  1. Have an interest in finding innovative solutions for complex community challenges.
  2. Have a commitment to exploring new avenues and approaches for building a thriving community.

Participants can expect to acquire the following: 

  1. Learn how to assess the region’s readiness for change, understand how change happens, and overcome resistance to create meaningful and lasting impact.
  2. Gain insights into what it takes to be a positive change agent, including developing the drive to build new initiatives and managing setbacks while working collaboratively with others.
  3. Understand the power of purposeful engagement through shared conversations. Learn to suspend judgement, build trust, and foster authentic dialogue, leading to stronger and more diverse relationships within the community.
  4. Discover the various factors that shape a community and explore ways to make it more inclusive.
  5. Gain tools to support others, especially during challenging times like drought and trauma, and strike a balance between giving to and receiving from the community.
  6. Explore ideas to shape the future you envision for your community.
  7. Learn about the significance of language in motivating and mobilising people and harness the power of storytelling to connect with hearts and minds effectively.
  8. Understand the elements of a compelling story and how storytelling can be a powerful tool for inspiring action and driving positive change in the community.

This workshop is free thanks to the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund. For more information and to register, visit


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