Utilising Variable Rate Technology (VRT) to optimise the use of crop inputs

Utilising variable rate technology (VRT) to optimise the use of crop inputs

Network and learn about how the application of precision agriculture (PA) tools and techniques can assist in optimising inputs while maintaining crop yields and ultimately business income and sustainability.

Grow your understanding of farming variability through data collection, then combine this with your own extensive knowledge to create paddock zones. Targeted management of this knowledge can be used for on-farm experimentation and applied to soil amendment options and strategies – to support a better bottom line.

The key messages of the workshops include:

  • Targeted management including both an understanding of variability through data collection and farming knowledge to create paddock zones, on-farm experimentation, and applied soil amendments.
  • Profit can be improved through better use of inputs.
  • Understanding how data can be valuable and inform decision-making.
  • Growers can be confident in implementing zonal management.

The event is free and fully catered.